New revelations on how Armstrong and cycling’s governing body UCI used to collaborate at the time have been made by his former soigneur Emma O’Rilley at US Postal on the Mail Online.

Ms O’Rilley recalls two incidents in particular which would demonstrate that at the time Armstrong and the UCI, led by Hein Verbruggen, worked together to cover-up any evidence that revealed Armstrong was doping.

In the first incident Johan Bruyneel, Armstrong’s former boss, according to Ms O’Rilley, was alerted by doping control with a phone call on Armstrong’s drug test, a very serious breach in the UCI protocol. The phone call was made using the cell phone of one Armstrong’s teammates.

The second incident recalled by Ms O’Rielly involved Armstrong and Hein Verbruggen. She explained that she witnessed Armstrong call Verbruggen and ask him if he could have an “over-zealous” race commissar excluded from officiating in any future cycling race.

She also made a suggestion to the newly formed Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC) that they should call Armstrong and Bruyneel if they want to fully understand how the Texan and the UCI collaborated at the time.

CIRC, recently formed, offers reduction on bans as well as anonymity and amnesties hoping to convince any former doper or any rider currently doping to testify. 

More in depth explanation on the two revelations were also given by Armstrong former soigneur: “I’m told John got a call from a commissar on a US Postal rider’s phone, asking him to come down to talk about Lance” O’Rilley told the Mail Online.

What Ms O’Rilley is talking about is in reference to the revelations made by Armstrong on how Verbruggen collaborated with him to keep his drug use secret to the outer world, which were made to the Mail Online in November.

As for Armstrong allegedly wanting the exclusion of a race-commissar, it was explained by Ms O’Rilley that it came after Armstrong had won a race in Germany in 1998: “We were in the team car at the end of the race, I was about to drive Lance and one of the other riders to the airport. Lance called Hein [Verbruggen] and said word to the effect of: ‘That race commissar, I never want to see him again’.” 

“And he was being serious. And you could sense Hein [Verbruggen] was serious, too. It wasn’t a friendly chat. It was a serious conversation, and the impression I got was that Lance was being listened to. I said there was no way you should be able to do that,” added Ms O’Rilley.

No name of this possible “over-zealous” race commissar has been mentioned.

Image: Wikipedia commons