A new plan of the French transport minister is set to revolutionize cycling as a means of transportation in France.

The French who are going to ride their bike to work are going to be paid a sum of 0.25 euro cents/kilometre in the plan set out by the transport minister Frederic Cuvieller. 

Overall the plan aims at increasing the security of the cyclists, while making traffic more efficient and (obviously) at increasing the availment of the bycicle.

Other than this economical incentive, which will probably see an increase of people using their bikes to go to work, there are also other initiatives in this plan, as explained by the Green Energy Journal:

  • The cyclists won't be obliged to ride on the right side of the road. By riding on the right, cyclists are usually forced to deal with pot-holes, wells, poor quality road and a series of different pitfalls that many cyclists know all to well. Thanks to this new plan they won't have to do that anymore.
  • A right-turn may be done, if there is enough security, even when the light is red. Although some may already do it, this will make sure that cyclists are not persuable for punishment by the law. Curiosly, this law already applies in both Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • To prevent the theft of bycicles, new 'bycicle only' parking slots are going to be built in promixity of all the main train stations and inside the companies that already have car parks for their workers. This measure is probably the most welcomed by the cyclists. According to the Green Energy Journal the last measure is "the icing on the cake".

Cuvieller has already asked a few companies to adhere to the last measure mentioned above. He has also asked the companies to recompense their workers will choose to ride on bike each day on their way to work instead of their cars. The compensation has been set at 0.25 euro cents/kilometre. 

The French agency for the environment and the management of energy has estimated that the plan will cost around 110 million euros. However it is expected that all there will be a "postive economic return", which means that it will affect positively both the health and the productivity in France.

In France there are currently 17 million people that utilize their bike at least once a week, while there are 3 million that use it as their main mode of transport.

Image: fotopedia.com