Another great initiative was launched this week in the world of cycling, this one coming from the women's cycling.

The Italian women’s cycling team Alè Cipollini Glassia launched a campaign against femicide in occasion of International Women’s day, which occured on the 8th of March.

Through a press release on their official website, the #YellowFluoLadies, as they are also known, stated that:  “The athletes of the team [are] to support the strength of women with meaningful sentences and a single hashtag: #GOAHEADLADIES.” Photo postcards are going to be used by the “sister” of the (male) Neri Yellowfluo team to carry their message “around the world during the season”.

All the eleven athletes that compose the team have written a personal message, using lipstick, on the postcard that best identifies their own personality. The decision to launch the campaign was “dictated by themselves [the cyclists], it is free, unlike what happens with the sad phenomenon of violence against women.”

Along with the first set postcards, with phrases written by each individual athlete, there was also a second set of postcards on which were written keywords of the virtues and qualities of women “because femicide must be fought strongly, thanks to the proud of the qualities of women.” (images can be found on the team's offiacl website)

Tatiana Guderzo, Monia Baccaille, Elena Berlato, Ilaria Bonomi, Valentina Carretta, Barbara Guarischi, Malgorzata Jasinska, Ane Santesteban Gonzalez, Michela Pavin, Shelley Olds, Marta Tagliaferro, are the athletes that will carry this message across the women’s and the cycling community in general. Also the Sports Director Luisiana Pegoraro and the president, Alessia Piccolo, “the only female president in the world of female cycling” will be carrying and promoting this initiative.

Drentse8, which is held in the Netherlands, will be the Alè Cipollini's next race. 

Picture: Alè Cipollini Website