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Robert Bodil: Developing the next evolution in cycling

Robert Bodill, founder of Jyrobike, talks through the history of the bicycle and how his product is set to revolutionise bicycle technology.
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"My 100 mile cycle over the French Alps in memory of my brother and sister"

Francesca, 43, is the eldest child of four. She lost her sister Jo (aged 15) and brother Nick (aged 34) to Cystic Fibrosis and is a carrier of the faulty gene.
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Cyclist fined after riding down M25 in rush hour

A Surrey man was fined £50 by the police after his commute home from work took an unexpected turn...
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Cycling the States: more stories from the road

Having completed his cycle across the United States, Patrick Reilly told Nick Spearing about some of his favourite experiences from the road. 
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Cycling the states: The final leg of an epic journey

Having completed the final part of his epic four month cycle across the United States in December, Nick Spearing caught up with the man with over 4,000 miles...
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The Tour de France in just six days?

While recovering from a car accident, a frenchman has set a new world record for distance covered in six days, reports Edoardo Rasetti.
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Cyclists tops Mont Ventoux on Boris bike

A Boris Bike has never seen anything this epic before. Taken from South London, a man and his friends take it to Mont Ventoux and ride it to the top.
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Five tips to help motivate you to cycle in the winter

With the weather turning and the nights drawing in, it is very hard to find ways to motivate yourself to get out on your bike.
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Bikes are allowed on this train at all times!

Bike trains almost sound like an oxymoron, but are these new commuting methods going to become an important part of the cyclo-commute landscape?
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Bo Jo deflects from HGVs onto headphones

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has caused a division in the London cycling community, suggesting he might ban London cyclists from using headphones, in reaction...