Given that sleep is one of the most important factors in improving athletic performance, we look at how sleep app Sleepora can improve sleep and help sporting performance.

Marginal gains. A phrase that three years ago you wouldn't really associate with any sport. Yet now, it is a phrase that is synonomous with Team Sky and Team GB cycling genius Sir Dave Brailsford. Sir Dave's "Marginal Gains" are one of the most reported techniques the Team Sky general manager has put to use. 

He believes that improving lots of little aspects of how bike racing is done, his athletes could gain a performance boost of a similar level that doping would have done in the past.

One area that he looked into was athlete recovery, most importantly, sleep. Brailsford recognised how recovering in the most comfortable bed possible, was the best way to keep his cyclists as fresh as possible for the next day's racing or training. 

Sleep deprivation has a negative affect on cardiovascular performance and impairs decision making process', so it is hard to deny the importance of a good night's sleep when undergoing a sporting challenge. 

That's where an app like Sleepora can come in. It is an app that is designed to help get better, more restful sleep, without the aid of sleeping pills. It combines brain training excercises with "brain entrainment audio technology" to help reduce the effects of insomina and sleep deprivation.

Sleepora is unique in the way you can tailor each of these exercises to suit your own personal needs. One of these is for athletic performance. Within this, a programme can be tailored around individual training programmes, events and rest periods, to create a truly personal sleep programme. 

This sleep programme has been taken up by Olympians, cyclists, triathletes, footballers and rugby players to help improve their recovery and boost their sporting output.

To find out more about Sleepora, click here and watch the video below.

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