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Nick Spearing, editor, Cycling RepublicCycling Republic is your all-round cycling publication - whether you cycle professionally, for fun or as a means to avoid the tube (or maybe even all 3) there will definitely be something here for you.

Updated daily, Cycling Republic delivers up-to-the-minute news, engaging features and insightful interviews, We also bring you down-to-earth user reviews of the latest bike tech, without bogging you down with undecipherable terminology, just letting you know the most important tech specs.

Away from our own riding, we revel in watching the pros show us how it is done. No matter how easy Wiggo and co make it look, we all know that its a grueling sport. It requires both physical and mental toughness and leaves the majority of us shouting “shut up legs, do what I tell you.” So as they power their way (the pros, not our legs!) around some of the most beautiful and demanding terrain the world has to offer, we kickback and dream of being able to do what these superhumans can.

So whether you're the type of rider who can tackle Alpe d’Huez, or just someone who likes a casual Sunday ride in the beautiful British countryside, Cycling Republic is the ultimate amateur rider’s guide.

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Editor, Cycling Republic